Our Presence

Achieved one of the top positions in product quality and service reliability. Further growth and avenues motivate us to step onto other markets and tarmacs for introducing existing products.


INTERLINK Pakistan is a major market player in mobile accessories since 1998, having a team of dedicated and committed professionals through whom we are connected to our valued customers throughout the country. INTERLINK’s efforts are converged on the ultimate satisfaction of our customers, which is made possible through the provision of consistent quality and economy.

INTERLINK’S head office is located at Hayatabad – Peshawar and a network of Regional offices at Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Rawalpindi, Gujrat, Peshawar & Swat Regions

INTERLINK, in order to extend its availability across the country, has further introduced a distribution channel called Order Based Sales System (OBS), (OBS: through this system our dedicated sales team visits each and every outlet, takes orders and the delivery channel make sure to deliver the order in time).

In order to make our products available at the Palm-top of the users and consumers, INTERLINK has introduced an online shopping facility, being the pioneer in the mobile phone accessories industry.

For further details:

Contact: +92 91 5881850

Mobile No.: +92 332 0575738

E-mail: info@interlinkcap.com

Website: www.interlinkcap.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/interlinkcap

INTERLINK - Afghanistan

Our recent development includes the successful launch of INTERLINK - Afghanistan, with the aim to offer top quality mobile accessories at affordable prices to citizens of Afghanistan. INTERLINK Afghanistan is our major franchise, currently operating in major cities of Afghanistan i.e. Kabul, Jalalabad, Mazar, Herat, and Kunduz with expansion plans towards other cities and remote areas.

For further details:

Contact: +93 78 514 1141

Mobile No.: +93 78 00023-4

E-mail: info@interlink.com.af

Website: www.interlink.com.af

Facebook: facebook.com/interlinkafg

Future Prospects

Keeping in view our products’ potential strengths and opportunities offered by globalization, we are aiming and planning to make our products available at the door-steps of residents of other regions of the world. INTERLINK has a foothold in Taiwan, South Africa and major European business hubs including Spain, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, and the Netherlands.

INTERLINK entered into business deals with partners in Iran and Tajikistan have matured and we expect handsome business propositions in the two countries offering great opportunities of speedy growth in our related business prospects in these regions.

For further details:

E-mail: info@interlinkcap.com

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) 

INTERLINK, besides its core functions, is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service provider to countries like Belgium, Spain, and South Africa. In OEM, we manufacture goods for customers using their brand name.

For further details:

Mobile No. (Chinese/Urdu/Hindi): +86 187 0203 7067

Mobile No. (English/Pashto): +92 311 4900009

E-mail: info@interlinkcap.com

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